The Secrets of Human Transformation

channeling deeper power: using ancient wisdom to channel our human spiritual, mental, emotional and physical potential. 

From the free masons, kabbala, ayahuasca until Dan Brown, people have been looking for the keys to unlocking their higher potential – our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual capabilities. Perhaps finding the Secret Symbols. This Series: The Secrets of Human Transformation take you on a journey along the secrets of human transformation.

These keys to transformation are secret to the extent that it’s rare to for people to understand how to access our higher powers and to integrate them into our lives. Theory is one thing, living these principles another. Great leaders like Ray Dalio, Warren Buffet could inspiring examples. 

I have studied jewish mystical tradition of kabbala for many years and also the enneagram as Gurdjieff brought it to the West. As, I also have been active in business life and a lecturer at a business school I hope to inspire you on this path. Mastery takes many years but with the right tools and teachers you can speed up the process of transformation – physical strength, playing an effective leadership role, creating from your soul and understanding the higher principles how the world works.