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Global Citizen, L&D Business Partner, Business School Lecturer and Executive Coach

45% of learning doesn’t translate to change in the workplace (source: McKinsey)

Learning and transformation are radical different concepts. In most organizations only learning takes place. People learn new leadership principles, methodologies or actions. Their deeper spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical levels remain unaffected. Automatic habits persist.

The 21st century is craving for transformation although not everyone has the key(s). Transformation helps people to break through their automatic patterns and act from their deeper self. Leadership embraces their unique color and embrace all the paradoxes: strong and vulnerable, the ability to form deep bonds with people that are so different and formulate a purpose while remaining open for emerging wisdom. 

the ability to transform is key

succes in 21st century: business spirituality

Ancient wisdom shows us the keys to transformation and accessing our deeper powers 

Ancient wisdom shows us the keys to transformation and how to break through patterns and access the deeper spiritual, mental, emotional and physical resources.

 When leaders connect on a deeper level to themselves, their identity and difficult emotions, they start to become a source of inspiration, strength and authenticity. 

Inspired leaders that have a positive impact, take their teams and organizations much further. Being inspired, finding deeper will, bonding on a deeper level are all results from accessing our deeper spiritual powers. This process goes step by step. The keys of ancient wisdom speed up the process – instruments that have been working for hundreds and thousands of years. 


A business school mindset, helps to channel power and to realize results.    

When leaders transform, they transform the world, I believe this credo holds some truth. What’s lacking however, is that leadership development requires besides accessing our spiritual, emotional mental and physical powers, a clear structure to channel the power and develop – what do you do after a training? How do you realize your goals? How do you break through pain and receive joy? 

A Business school mindset helps us with keeping pushing for results to transform by strategic thinking, strategic thinking and learning-how-to-learn strategies.  

The interplay between force and structure, makes a leader very powerful. He knows how to push his leadership development forward and get increased results everyday. 



I’m a Dutchman with international roots and worked in 45 countries – from Nairobi, Buenos Aires until Panama. Over the years I specialised in Talent, Career and Leadership Development, focusing on transformation, to realize the value that customers are seeking. 

Business experience

  • Associate Trainer @ Rubberduck, Inclusionair and Frits Philips and Partners
  • Lecturer Organizational Behaviour at Business School Notenboom
  • Corporate Banking, General Electric Commercial Finance 
  • International Partnership manager, Toka T&K & Digilock


  • Train-the-trainer Phoenix Opleidingen
  • Career Coaching VistaNova
  • Certified Enneagram Trainer
  • Master of Business Administration, Tias Business School