About Tom Oor

Tom’s purpose

Transforming leaders, transforming the world

My mission is to accelerate organizational success in the global business landscape. By nurturing purpose-driven individuals and honing their leadership skills, I aim to propel organizations into new realms of innovation, talent, and market opportunities.

I advocate for transformative leadership, understanding that when leaders evolve, they catalyze change in their organizations and, by extension, the world.

Rooted in idealism, I see the competitive edge of nations and organizations as pivotal in addressing the challenges of the 21st century.


Tom’s story 

My journey is defined by a global traveler ethos, inspired by a diverse family spanning three continents. My professional roots were planted at a Dutch International Trading bank, leading to a pivotal role at age 27 where I spearheaded partnerships across Europe, Latin-America, Africa, and the Middle East. This vibrant chapter was akin to a globetrotting Netflix saga, weaving through cultures to forge impactful relationships.

Today, I channel this rich tapestry of experiences into Talent and Leadership Development for multinational entities. As a trainer, L&D Business partner, and program creator, I blend the realms of business with learning and development, crafting synergies that foster individual and organizational growth. My distinct approach lies in uniting diverse worlds for mutual success.




Tom’s principles   

My goal is to collaborate with my clients, present and future, to generate tangible value and positive outcomes.

Moreover, I aspire to guide organizations in becoming catalysts for positive change, promoting greater integrity within their culture and leadership.

In all of this, I uphold a strong ethical standard in people development. Trust, psychological safety are essential and also being able to help people with the transformation steps that I went through. I strive to be a man of practice (combined with theory).