Global Leadership Development Programme

Transforming your leadership signature: leading across borders  

The global leadership development programme is a transformative experience that is designed for experienced leaders who are seeking to take their leadership to the next level. With a focus on strengthening their own leadership signature, leading high-performing teams and building relations in international contexts – with their teams, stakeholders and clients. This global leadership programme is based on over 10 years of experience in talent and leadership development and across 45 countries.

We understand that superficial change leads to superficial results, and therefore, we focus on developing leadership competencies that result in transformational change with a strong transfer of results. Our program is designed to help leaders tap into their deeper potential by understanding that every next level of leadership requires a purpose that motivates, inspires, and channels energy and actions on a daily basis, combined with re-formulating their identity. Purpose and identity are the highest levers for change, and we show you how to learn how to learn, so you know how to strengthen your skills every day and become truly different.

Our program covers a range of topics, including leading high-performing teams in an international context, vulnerability, team communication, roles and responsibilities, and team strengths. We understand the importance of building and accelerating connections with different cultures and stakeholders, and our program will help you to do just that. We focus on increasing the speed of trust by staying true to yourself and knowing how to build bonds with people that are so different.

added value/your transformation

Strengthening your leadership signature

  • Understanding your deeper drivers, themes that are you unique for your leadership style and the balance between masculine and feminine polarities also connecting to your deeper sources of inspiration.
  • Addressing the unconscious patterns that might be limiting your leadership style.


Leading high performing teams

  • Understanding the 5 key behaviours (Lencioni) of high performing teams
  • Understanding your blind spots in relation to building high performance teams
  • Knowing how to build a high performing team by working with psychological safety, team communication styles, team strengths and setting clear purpose, roles and responsibilities.


Leading and connecting with international cultures

  • Understanding how to bond with different personalities and cultures.
  • Knowing the polarities of international cultures (Hofstede’s dimensions and Erin Meyer’s cultural dimensions)


Transformational leadership signature

  • We’’ll show you how to transfer all the learning to your daily reality so you’ll keep on developing your skills and transforming your leadership.

Global Leadership development programme 

  • The Global Leadership program can be adjusted to the organisational goals and needs.
  • The program can be done digitally or offline
  • As a Learning & Development Business Partner, HR Business Partner or Director feel free to reach out to us and discuss your ambitions and challenges (free of charge).