Team Development for International Teams

a team development journey for building high performance  

“If you could get all the people in an organization rowing in the same direction, you could dominate any industry, in any market, against any competition, at any time.” – Lencioni

Your international teams might be so focused on goals and productivity that there is little time to improve team performance. Additionally, a team strategy and members could also be changing frequently, that a team(leader) needs an external facilitator, to work with them -and  accelerate the process. 

Therefore you might be looking for team development for international teams? This Team Development journey is therefore based on facilitation helping international teams towards higher levels of performance by a series of workshops developed around the 5 key elements of a high performing team: psychological safety, roles and responsibilities, team communication, healthy conflict, and team strengths.

Each individual workshop is designed in such a way that it its between 3 – 4 hours and doesn’t put too much pressure on productivity. The workshop provides the teams, the instruments, insights, and key concepts to be used daily in their teams. As experienced facilitators, we work with the team to create awareness on the deeper issues and helps them transfer insights into tangible plans and a strong transfer to implementation.

eam Development for International Teams

added value: strong transfer to the workplace 

The value of the team development series lays in creating an upwards cycle of change towards a high performing team. As McKinsey states that 45% of learning doesn’t translate to change in the workplace, we help organizations with new behaviour during the workshops and a strong transfer of the workshops content to to the workplace using the group effectiveness model.

Workshop Psychological safety – unlocks open and honest discussions, a healthy sense of respect for each other, innovation and challenging the status quo.

Workshop Team Communication – leverages the strengths and the ability to adjust to people who are different. The team communicate more effectively, it increases clarity of action, learning and a sense of connection with the team and external stakeholders.  

Workshop Beneficial Conflict – helps teams to experience a balanced way of conflict, the way of power – the middle ground, so that teams boost innovation, challenging the status quo and do it in such a way that bonds and vulnerability are strengthened.

Workshop Purpose, roles and job value drivers – helps teams to channel their time, increase their energy and resources by understanding their (concrete) purpose and how to create clear roles and responsibilities. Taking a way ambiguity about priorities, responsibilities and accountabilities – reducing frustration and a lower level of goal attainment.

Workshop Leveraging Team Strengths – helps teams to inventories the strengths and weaknesses of the team and how to increase output and impact by formulating a team strategy. It helps teams to make even better use of their strengths, how to cope with their weaknesses and formulate a high leverage strategy – the more junior teams are too operational.

A TEam DEvelopment series for your international teams?  

  • The journey can be done as an integrated journey or partial journey depending on the needs and goals of the team.
  • It’s possible digitally or offline – we have done it with international teams in Brazil, Japan, Athens.
  • We can help you and deal with complex and multi-cultural environments
  • If you’re interested in team development for international teams, feel welcome to reach out to me by e-mail or schedule a call in my agenda (because a lot of the time im working with groups).