Learning and Development Consultancy Services

organizational succes: becoming a transformation system 

“The illiterate of the future are not those who can’t read or write but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn.” – Alvin Toffler

Learning and Development Consultancy Services helps organizations to create value or increase the return on investment of Learning and Development. The uniqueness of this program lays in the combination of people transformation and a business expertise in creating value for organization.

For organizations to succeed learning should help them with strengthening their competitive advantage, value creation of products/services, engagement of their people, a much faster adoption of new (soft) skills and leadership development.

For organizations to remain relevant and (highly) profitable:

  • How much value do your products/services create?
  • Whats the level of engagement within your organization?
  • Is Learning and Development aligned in such a way that it (also) creates value for Employer Branding
  • How do you close skills gaps? Accelerate skill development and leadership development?
  • Challenging c-level leadership with blind spots in committing to L&D and allocating budget and time.

The challenge is that most organizations master the skill of learning and not of transforming. As McKinsey shows, a shocking 45% of learning doesn’t lead to change in the workplace and that sometimes-learning journeys, personal development programs and coaching are sometimes not enough to break through automatic behavior of people. Can you see how that affects the bottom line of your organization?

your value of learning and development consultancy services

The value of our approach combining people transformation and business expertise


  1. Increasing employee engagement and hence productivity, innovation and output – from satisfied to inspired employees. Inspired employees are 2,25 times more productive then satisfied employees.
  2. Accelerate the pace and level of mastery of leadership and soft skills essential for competitive advantage and business goals – the Return On Investment of learning increases.
  3. Increase the ease of attracting and retaining value employees. It becomes like the famous soccer school la masa from FC Barcelona (the institute for Talent Development in soccer), every soccer player wants to train there.
  4. People and leadership will display more joy, confidence and wasting less time and energy– they know how to break through patterns and develop difficult skills
  5. Strengthening a value-based culture and the Employer Brand

Ready for success?  

  • If you’re interested exploring the value of Learning and Development Consultancy services, feel welcome to reach out to me by e-mail or schedule a call in my agenda (because a lot of the time im working with groups)
  • I’m physically located in Europe (Amsterdam, Barcelona and Tel Aviv) but can also help you out digitally or hybride depending upon your needs and goals.