Executive Career Coaching Amsterdam

a clear purpose + unique roles + transforming your leadership 

As a leader, director or active in a management role you might be confronted with a period of transition. Losing purpose, a clear vision in life and it starts to influence your zest and performance in work. It’s a pity of your valuable time and energy.

Our signature executive career coaching program helps you re-find purpose in work and create a unique leadership role that matches your unique drives, core values, expertise and looks openly at all the emerging trends in the world.

This program has been used with clients from all over the world (digitally as well) and for employees of companies such as Google, ABN Amro, PriceWaterHouseCoopers and Deloitte and combines a high level of strategic thinking and my expertise in transformation (most people learn and do not transform).

As a result, you may expect discovering leadership roles in unique niches, a tested implementation plan how to realizes it and lastly, we’’ll be working on your leadership effectives. Every new level demands a new you. It’s cliche, but so true. I’m ready for your challenge, are you?


your added value

  • Re-finding purpose in your work. Formulating purpose and discovering unique leadership roles based on all the trends, new industries, and emerging opportunities.
  • Leveraging your blind spots. Helping you make the unconscious conscious and accesing your deeper motivation and willpower.
  • Transforming your leadership style. Again, working with the unconscious: what would transform your leadership style and would do you need to become for the next challenge? You will get tangible results and step by step become different.
  • A high leverage implementation plan – show you the most effective route to land the new leadership role and deal with roadblocks.

Executive career coaching program 

  • Costs and content
    • The program is between 5 – 7 sessions of 1.5. hours
    • Costs are 4000 – 5000 euro excluding 21% VAT (In most cases the organization is willing to pay for this).
    • The information is available digitally and can be done by Zoo.
  • Process
  • Schedule a check 15-minute check phone call. Do your needs, goals align with the career coaching program. And even more important: would we enjoy working together?
  • Schedule a 30-minute zoom meeting. You’re referred by my network – and want to go further into details and get to know each other.